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A great book keeps your attention throughout the whole book and also gets your emotions involved, and that’s exactly what this book does! This is such a great read, I promise once you pick it up you’re not going to want to put it down. –

Brandy Somerville on ‘Lessonz Learned’


Lessonz Learned (Part 1)

Meet Sheila, a young woman from the cutthroat and grimy streets of Cleveland. We can all relate to her. She’s just someone trying to figure out this thing called life. All Sheila knows for sure is that she doesn’t want to be like her mother who abandoned her. Or end up with a man like her manipulative drug-dealing father. But despite her trying to portray this good girl image, she ends up being corrupted with the same demons as her parents, if not worse! Trapped in a chaotic world of sex, lies, murder, and betrayal, Sheila desperately seeks to get on a better path so that it doesn’t cost her life…

Lessonz Learned Workbook

This self-help workbook was designed to help someone reflect on mental health issues that they maybe enduring. It includes a plan that guides a person on the right path to having a healthy mindset.