Get Your FAQ's Straight

You recommend a product or service to your followers. Your followers purchase the product or service using your affiliate link and or code. You get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link or code.

Having a solid plan for how you can add value to your customers is the most  critical factor in order to be successful. Without adding value and core knowledge of a product or service, the traffic created is meaningless. In return it will not result in a sale or lead.

Yes, it’s perfect for branding! It can lead traffic to the site sponsored with the banner.

Offer High-Value content. You want the content on your site to be thought-provoking and actionable. Get active on social media. Social media is a powerful source of highly-targeted traffic. Choose affiliate programs/links that you are passionate about or those that interest you.

Through the SHE216 Affiliate Program, your sales are tracked two different ways. The first way is through an affiliate link. The second method is to use an Affiliate code which is created to be specific for each Affiliate.

Our system tracks your results thru the WordPress Affiliate program. You will have access to this program which creates a personal account for you. Here you will be able to access your results, sales commissions, and many other important features.

Cross device tracking describes how advertisers, publishers and others analyze a user’s journey across their multiple devices. The goal is to know that a person using their smartphone is the same person that switches to a laptop and/or tablet without sharing personally-identifiable information (PII)

Promote through Social Media – becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t really require you to own a blog or website but it does require you to have an online presence. … So you can definitely earn money as an affiliate marketer. However, it is important to create a post that could have an impact on your audience.

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